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We take a block of our favourite cheddar and transform it through a fine-tuned process of heating, drying and cooling to obtain crisp, golden coins of crustycheese – full of tiny air-pockets capturing aroma – ready for a complementing dip or topping.

For the love of cheese

The Lava Cheese story

A few years back, two friends were enjoying a cold glass of beer, grilled cheese sandwiches and each other's company, discussing the finer things in life. One of those being the irresistable taste of cheese grilled dangerously close to burning. They made it their mission to capture that taste in a pure and handy form for everyone to enjoy.

After months of trials and development the final product was ready to conquer the tastebuds at one of Iceland's largest food exhibitions: A delicious brand of chips containing no carbohydrates, the perfect snack for low carb and keto diets. Investment from a local food processing company followed, allowing us to triple our sales in one year and leapfrog into a larger production facility and consumer market in Sweden.

While both popularity and production continues to grow, the base ingredients stay the same: The love of cheese and the desire to share it with the world.

Our special cheese melts like lava before solidifying in its most delicious, crunchy form. Ready to enjoy on its own or with your favorite topping or dip.

Enjoy it ...
Illustration of two Lava Cheese crisp being dipped into a white dip.
... with dips
Illustration of Lava Cheese crisp being used as a base for canapes.
... as canapés
Illustration of Lava Cheese crisp as a side to a beer glass.
... with your favorite drink
Illustration of Lava Cheese crisp being broken into pieces to use as croutons.
... as croutons